Founder / Builder

Help us find the most ambitious outsiders.
Growsiste is a home for founders.

We believe there are thousands of potential founders around the world who don't have the resources or opportunities to take the leap and start companies.
We're looking for ambitious creative minds to join our community of founders, help them incorporate, fund them, put them through a three-month accelerator program, introduce them to industry experts, and more.

About the Role

  • You want to launch your startup?
  • You are looking for a cofounder?
  • You are creative?


We partner up the best entrepreneurs to build beautiful products & services. 

As a founder, you'll be launching YOUR project/company. We work with talented Growsiste of all levels of experience and all  backgrounds.

So we're looking for founders to join us and launch new businesses.

What you'll bring to the table:

  • Ambition to bring a new product on the market and turn it into fast-growing company ; 
  • Vision and the ability to communicate it to future team members, investors, and anyone you meet ;
  • Product sense to deliver first-in-class experiences through new product/services ;
  • Industry or technical expertise and the desire to reinvent your entire sector through technology ;

What we bring to the table:

  • Resources. We kickstart your company by bringing you everything you need: expertise, team, financial resources.
  • Our core Growsiste team and partners (tech, design, growth, HR, etc.) to help you with the tools and expertise you need to found
  • We introduce you to our network of corporate partners and give you access to our client database


This position is fully remote or based in France (no sponsorship visa). We offer a Co-Founder equity package and a modest salary.

Contractor status is preferable at the beginning, but once the start-up is launched/scaled, a permanent contract is possible.

What are the next steps

- Fit & Culture interview with Talent Partner - 30-45min

- Interview with one of our partner or co-founder -  45min

- Advisor and/or Investor interview - 30min

- 1-2 Reference call(s) - please be ready to provide references.

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Let's work

Que votre projet soit dans un carton, en phase d'idéation, en développement ou déjà sur le marché, nous serions ravi de discuter pour voir comment vous aider à accélérer !